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Take a look at the granites, just chock full o’ zircon and dated with relative ease.

Granites that have been deformed by squeezing, and granites that have not, straddle the age of 245 million years ago. About 200 million years ago, North America and Africa rifted apart, creating Triassic basins and the Atlantic Ocean. Recent sedimentary studies suggest that there has been Cenozoic uplift in the Southern Appalachians over the past 65 million years.

This was underscored by a recent article from NCSU scientists, Sean Gallen, Karl Wegmann, and Del Bohnenstiehl, published by the Geological Society of America in GSA Today.

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Alleghanian thrust faulting further built the Appalachians, and the Alleghanian Orogeny recycled parts of the earlier Grenville and Taconic and Acadian Orogenies.This orogeny was the result of collision between proto-North America and what is now the west coast of South America. Chris Scotese’s Paleo Map Project is available here. In North Carolina, Grenville-age rocks are exposed in the Blowing Rock gneiss, the Cranberry gneiss, the older rocks beneath Pilot Mountain and Hanging rock, and the Toxaway gneiss.So which is older, North American Grenville or South American Grenville? This is a recurring theme in plate tectonics: a tectonic event, like an orogeny or rifting, usually has a mirror on the other continent involved.That map gives you a quick understanding of the complexity of the Appalachians.Mountain ranges are built in events called orogenies, which go in fits and starts.In general, only the information that you provide, or the choices you make while visiting a web site, can be stored in a cookie.